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Welcome to Libergier


Welcome to Libergier ! Our school, situated right in the heart of Rheims, is located in two separate areas each close to the famous cathedral.

Some 1,550 students attend our high school and higher education courses, thus creating a rich and varied community, also composed of a staff of 240 out of whom 160 teach classes. Our school is dedicated to science and laboratory technics qualification, such as Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology engineering, as well as tertiary and social sciences, and provides a wide range of different scientific-, technological- or general-orientated tuitions which lead to degrees from the baccalaureat up to higher vocational diplomas and a home economics and social work degree.

Thanks to our state of the art equipment and our opening onto Europe as well as all business actors in the Champagne-Ardenne region and around, our school keeps alive the goal of expertise among our high-school and higher education students alike, as they will be our best ambassadors to the next generation of students. Our newly refurbished boarding school buildings, located in a pleasant area, can accomodate both boys and girls in the centre of the town.

Our pupils, students, the staff and the headmaster hope that you will enjoy your visit round their website.

Philippe CELLEROSI, Headmaster

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